Reflexology benefits

Every single person I see for a Reflexology session, without fail feels it has been of benefit to them. Whether it relieves the pain of osteoarthritis, sciatica or migraines or common but troublesome pregnancy-related complaints such as pelvic girdle pain or lower back discomfort; and a session ALWAYS guarantees a good night's sleep. I [...]

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Massage to reduce symptoms of stress

Stress affects one in five of the working population at every skill level and is now the single biggest cause of absenteeism in the UK. Over 105 million days are lost to stress every year – costing UK employers £1.24 billion. Workplace stress affects productivity and impacts health and safety due to a reduced workforce. [...]

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I developed Down to Earth Birth classes in response to the lack of practical, common-sense childbirth preparation classes for couples in the area of South Leicestershire where I worked as a community midwife. These short 3 hour classes have since developed into a single, full-day workshop, offering evidence-based fun and interactive activities for expectant mums and their birth partner. The course follows the Royal College of Midwives accredited training course with The Real Birth Company.


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